June 16th 2024
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Ottawa Rideau Region Soil and Crop News is provided by the Ottawa Rideau Region Soil and Crop Improvement Association in cooperation with the local associations in the county/regions of Frontenac, Grenville, Lanark, Leeds, Ottawa Carleton, Renfrew and the generous support of our newsletter contributing sponsors.

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December 8th, 2023 - Renfrew SCIA AGM

Congratulations to two well deserving members who received awards at the recent Renfrew SCIA AGM!

Contact Information Ottawa Rideau
President Henry Posthumus | 613-561-5732
Secretary Scott Banks | 613-407-5996

Contact Information Frontenac
President Greg Dowling | 613-539-3875
Secretary Mike MacLean | 613-449-5690
Contact Information Grenville
President Harry Bennett | 613-223-9021
Secretary Bryan Cook | 613-658-5580
Contact Information Leeds
President Joe Gordon | 613-453-0044
Secretary Ross Hawkins | 613-359-5833
Contact Information Lanark
President Wes Thom | 613-898-3276
Secretary Ashley Knapton | 613-277-6208
Contact Information Ottawa Carleton
President Mike Sullivan | 613-809-2223
Secretary Kyle Smith | 873-288-2371
Contact Information Renfrew
President Kelly Armstrong | 613-633-3839
Secretary Brandy Matheson | 613-633-3839