June 16th 2024
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North Eastern Ontario Region Soil and Crop News is provided by the North Eastern Ontario Region Soil and Crop Improvement Association in cooperation with the local associations in the county/regions of Algoma, Cochrane, East Nipissing - Parry Sound, Manitoulin, Muskoka, Sudbury West, Temiskaming, West Nipissing - East Sudbury and the generous support of our newsletter contributing sponsors.

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What the Moo?!

Artwork from Justin Burry of Englehart, ON

Northern Ontario Ag Conference Celebrates a Successful Event!

The two-day conference featured engaging speakers, exhibitors & networking!

Reduce Greenhouse Gasses and Weeds with Good Ecological Practices

Lucie Rioux from JMP Consultants spoke on the importance of cover cropping and how this practice can be used for a variety of benefits on farms.

Harvesting Innovation: Exploring the Sheshegwaning Growcer Facility’s Year-Round Horticulture Solution

A journey into hydroponic container gardening and sustainable community agriculture

Rotational Grazing at the Thunder Bay Community Pasture

Discover the transformative impact of rotational grazing on soil health, forage growth, and livestock productivity – a journey from data to sustainable practices.

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